Equality and Diversity

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About this Equality and Diversity Training Course

The Equality Act 2010 is a legal framework that safeguards individuals from discrimination and unfair treatment, while promoting a fair and more equal society. Our Equality and Diversity training course is designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation.

Elevate your business acumen and cultivate a workforce equipped with essential equality and diversity expertise through our comprehensive training program.

Though equality and diversity may appear as abstract concepts, the Equality Act 2010 firmly prohibits workplace discrimination based on gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, abilities, disabilities, age, or background. Employers must be highly knowledgeable in effectively addressing these issues, as non-compliance can bring about severe legal ramifications.

Our CPD-accredited Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion training course empowers managers with the tools they need to foster a thriving work environment and safeguard their businesses. This insightful program delves into the fundamental concepts of equality and diversity, emphasizing the significance of equality, discrimination, and inclusion.

Participants will gain valuable insights into addressing and challenging discrimination, along with a comprehensive grasp of the relevant laws.

Upon successful completion, you will receive an instant downloadable Equality and Diversity online training course certificate, showcasing your dedication to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace.


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Equality and Diversity
Original price was: £18.00.Current price is: £10.00.
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