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Our CEO and founder, Vellour Nyambiya, had a simple idea when establishing Vellour Academy: to empower carers with the knowledge and expertise required to provide exceptional care and with the support, guidance, and compassion necessary to enhance their quality of life. Our aim is to continuously update carers skills and knowledge, thus advancing their careers and improving outcomes for clients. Consequently, home care and home health agencies would have access to a pool of highly skilled resources to deliver better care and achieve better client outcomes. At Vellour Academy, we are passionate about supporting agencies and carers to provide excellent care to their clients and achieving our mission to improve client outcomes. We are proud to work with agencies, franchisors, and carers nationwide towards this goal every day.

Vellour is committed to continuous professional development and staying at the forefront of best practices in the industry. With 12 years of hands-on experience in care, including managerial roles, she possesses a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges within the sector.

Through Vellour Academy, she seeks to share insights, strategies, and practical guidance drawn from their extensive background, empowering others in the health and social care community to excel in their roles and make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

Vellour Nyambiya


Level 3 in Leadership and Management
Level 5 in Health and Social Care


We understand that trust is crucial in health and social care, and we are committed to being transparent in our interactions with our students.

We recognise that the landscape of health and social care is constantly evolving, and we strive to provide our students with training that is up-to-date, progressive, and relevant to today’s healthcare challenges.

We value teamwork and respect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our students, and we believe that learning is best achieved through cooperation and shared knowledge.

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality in our training programmes, holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence.

We recognise the central role that empathy and compassion play in health and social care, and we seek to instill these values in our students so that they can provide care that is truly client-centred and compassionate.

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